Emperor’s Domination

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11 thoughts on “Emperor’s Domination

  1. Holy shit dude! i have been waiting for someone to translate this novel really badly, I seriously hope that this novel becomes popular really fast with the English audience, since that will mean more chapters being uploaded more frequently. I am not going to read this novel until it reaches at least 200+ chapters since i really want to binge read this and lets not forget this novel is 1600+ chapters long, my gawd! I really appreciate Bao translating this novel, and i hope that you continue to translate this. I wish that we could catch up to the raws within a month lol, but thats not realistic. THANK YOU BAO and Path of translations team for translating this wonderful novel.


  2. Just wanted to post that I’m going to wait a bit for more chapters to pile up before I read again, but I’m in total support of this translation and thanks for the great work!


    1. Really? This novel isn’t quite as prominent as Chen Dong’s or Er Gen’s novels so it is surprising to me that you are excited about it.


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